I'm a classic rock-metal-rap guy so I should not be saying I like this stuff, but I do have a secret stash. DIG IT!This is a band that's called: "Cute is What We Aim For" this song is called "Time."

This band is called "Panic at the Disco" this song is called "Mona Lisa." Homeboy can sing!

This band is "Fall Out Boy" the song is called: "Thanks for the Memories."

My boss is gonna make fun of me for liking this, my dad will, my boys will and my girl might even – but listen and be honest with yourself and see what happens.

Keep in mind these are not new songs by any means, but they are songs I like. So if you like them and know them and are gonna say something sarcastic like "thanks for the news flash" well don't bother.

The fact is that most of the listening audience for i95 Rock is not going to know.

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