Quarantining, no social contact, and no making out with strangers are just three directives to avoid getting socked with COVID-19 and it's pushed millions to the brink of insanity.

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As reported on by the Miami Herald, Chris Gollmar, an elementary school teacher has created a hotline to "let it all out." Are you sick and tired of being cooped up inside the house and wearing a mask every damn time you have to drive to the grocery store? Then Just Scream!

Welcome to the Just Scream hotline where you can call 1-561-567-8431 and scream away your frustrations. There's no human on the other end of the line so you won't have to worry about blowing someone's eardrum out. When you hear the prompt, just wail away.

Scream in the dark

If screaming is not your thing, you can leave a message of hope or listen to callers sing instead...really? There are callers who laugh as they scream and others who invite their pets to join them for some animal sounds.   

Gollmar couldn't believe he's gotten 70,000 recordings since the site was launched in November just before election day. Best of all, when you click on the Just Scream website, you're able to listen to previous screams. I gave it a listen and found myself laughing my ass off!

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