On Monday (7/26/21), City Center Danbury announced that a new art mural was coming to the Hat City in a press release. Work began right away and the early returns are breathtaking.

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The City of Danbury teamed up with City Center, DaSilva Realty and RiseUP for Arts/CT for a massive art mural on the side of a building located at 300 Main Street that would overlook Kennedy Park. The collaborative effort is lead by the artist ARCY who has a resume that speaks for itself.

The finished product will have the image of Martin Luther King Jr. (Pictured above) alongside Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John F. Kennedy. The unveiling of the completed project is scheduled for Monday August 2, at 2 pm with the public encouraged to attend.

City Center Danbury
City Center Danbury

ARCY had this to say about the work:

“Throughout history, many have created change, many have left their mark. Through the echoes of the past, we find pride in our predecessors, we honor their story, we communicate their words, and we display their actions. Dare to Dream, Believe to Inspire, Strive for Justice.”

If my legs work that day, I'll be there for the unveiling. This will be an important day for the City of Danbury, its residents and for people from surrounding communities. We've had a rough couple of years in Danbury, there have been social and political divisions of many different kinds.

The presentation of this work can and should be a unifying event for everyone involved.

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