John F. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Martin Luther King Jr. will soon overlook the Hat City.

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City Center Danbury issued a press release Monday (7/26/21) to announce that an exciting new art mural is coming to Kennedy Park in Danbury, CT. The work titled "Legends Live Forever” will honor J.F.K, M.LK. and R.B.G.

The City of Danbury, City Center, DaSilva Realty and RiseUP for Arts/CT are collaborating on the inspirational project. The artist is a CT native that has worldwide recognition named ARCY.

ARCY had this to say of the project:

“Throughout history, many have created change, many have left their mark. Through the echoes of the past, we find pride in our predecessors, we honor their story, we communicate their words, and we display their actions. Dare to Dream, Believe to Inspire, Strive for Justice.”

The mural will be painted on a wall at 300 Main Street that overlooks Kennedy Park, a wall that City Center Executive Director Angela Wong always believed had more potential saying:

"Since moving to Danbury six years ago, I have often stared at that wall believing it was an ideal canvas to support an ambitious and meaningful project such as this.”

The video below is an example of some of ARCY's previous work and it's obvious he's very talented.

The work began yesterday (7/26/21) and the mural will be unveiled at a Monday August 2nd ceremony.

Art brings people together, inspires and draws a crowd and that is precisely what the Downtown Danbury area needs.

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