According to the NY Post, 57-year-old Marc Rubin has filed a $15,000 lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resort, claiming they destroyed his wedding proposal. The suit also claims that Disney contributed to his false arrest.

Back in 2015, Marc Rubin of Suffolk County traveled from New York to the theme park in Florida with his girlfriend. The Orlando Sentinel says he was planning on proposing in front of Cinderella's castle. That's about all anyone can agree on.

An unnamed 24-year-old employee alleges when she asked Rubin to move from the front of the castle for blocking a parade route, he grabbed her shirt, yelled at her and threatened to punch her. He was arrested for the incident and charged with disorderly conduct. He would eventually plead no contest and pay a $100 fine.

Rubin admits to a verbal altercation, but denies any physical contact with the employee. His claim is that he was asking for a brief delay to wait for the rest of his group to get back from the concession stand and the employee would not allow it.

I can't say for sure who is wrong here, I was not there. But what this fella is claiming, what he admits to asking for is BANANAS in my opinion. He is saying he asked the employee for a "brief delay?" Meaning she, the employee, asked him to move from the front of the castle because he was blocking a parade route, and he requested that she please hold the parade so I can wait for my friends and then propose. Then, by all means, do your parade for the thousands of other people here.

I'm no fan of Disney World, or any theme park for that matter, but they have a thing going on there, man. It's a carefully choreographed operation that does not account for your family insisting on grabbing a waffle cone before you propose.

The "Magic" that this company is constantly referring to in their promotional materials is on a schedule and is for everyone. It's not JUST for Marc Rubin and company. So when they say "shove over" for the parade, you "shove over." If you make the parade late, the next bit of "magic" is late, and on and on it goes.

I don't like theme parks because they're the price gouge of all price gouges, but sharing the park with people like this is A HUGE part of the problem for me.

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