Outdated medications could be dangerous to your kids if left around the house, especially pain meds like OxyContin or other opiates. Saturday, October 24, from 10AM to 2PM is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, where multiple Connecticut towns and area police departments are holding drug take-back events.

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In Danbury, bring all your old medications to the Danbury Police Department's lobby, starting at 10AM at 375 Main Street. You must wear a mask if you choose to participate.

The Ridgefield Police Department will also be taking part, but tells the Newstimes it will be a drive-thru only event at the department's parking lot at 76 Ridge Road, and masks are required.

Access to old medications left accumulating in cabinets or drawers is a leading cause of accidental poisoning. Flushing them down the toilet is also a bad idea because they can easily end up polluting our waters.

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Years ago, a neighbor of mine had left his teenager's anti-depressant and ADHD meds in an unlocked kitchen cabinet. When he and his wife woke up the next morning, there were pills all over the kitchen counter. They ran downstairs to the son's bedroom, where they saw he was in distress and called 911. He had taken approximately 60 pills in a suicide attempt. Had those pills been pain killers like OxyContin, their son would not be alive today.

To find a Connecticut location participating in National Prescription Take-Back Day, click on takebackday.dea.gov.

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