Last week we had a new smoke alarm installed at our house.

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This new addition is apparently very sensitive because the steam from my shower set the thing off at 3:30 am and my wife Erica did not look happy.

It made me think of all the unpleasant ways I've been woken up over the years, the list is long and obnoxious but like everything else I'm sure there are people who have had it worse. We ran a poll of Connecticut residents recently and got a huge response because even sleep is dramatic in the Nutmeg State. These are some of our favorite answers.

Connecticut's Startling Surprises: A Collection of the Most Unpleasant Wake-Ups

I think all of us are startled when the alarm clock goes off in the morning but there are much worse ways to wake up. Recently, I set out on a mission to find some of these ugly scenarios. I polled a group of Connecticut residents asking: "What is the Most Unpleasant Way You've Been Woken Out of a Dead Sleep?" As usual, Connecticut people delivered some of the most outrageous short stories you've ever read. These are some of the best responses we got.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Connecticut people can't even sleep without drama. Here are some of the other rough wakeup stories we got from our poll:

Angel Honorata: "Feeling someone stroke my cheek, open my eyes and have no one there."

Jim Crooks: "When I was trucking one company had an opti-idle. That is where you set the bunk temperature and the truck runs and shuts off trying to maintain the temperature. My truck would work for several cycles and then not restart. So in the winter I would wake up cold. Miserable feeling."

Mary Ann Pascazi-Saracino: "Phone ringing in the middle of the night. That’s never good."

Kim Minniti: "Fire Alarm Going Off."

Ryan Remark: "Lou Milano tonguing my ear." Hey Ry, it was just the one time! Vegas got the best of me.

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Jennifer Bittar: "Someone had broken into my apartment. That was 20+ years and several houses ago and yet I still wake up if a squirrel farts 5 miles away lol."

Bennie Jablonski: "Smoke detector, it went off with one loud BEEP, stopped, then went off again 5-10 mins later, then stopped. Of course this happened around 2 am. I walked around sniffing for smoke then got up on the ladder and took out the battery. I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and for the next week I kept expecting that BERP again even after I bought a new one. "

Kathleen Harrison: "Having the phone ring and it's the fire department saying your husband's office building is on fire!"

Johnny Rock: "To flames going from the 1/2 wall divider between the kitchen and living room to the ceiling. An unattended candle had set the wood shelf on fire. I had fallen asleep on the couch. I put the fire out and opened all the windows. I had to replace the wood and paint the ceiling but was otherwise unscathed."

Beth Storti: "A truck going off the road at 5 am this New Year's morning .. taking out my mailbox, hitting a tree that shook my house and me awake..and all the neighbors..."

Ellen Marasco Lasita: "Definitely hearing a dog puking !!"

Michelle Watkins: "My little brother just staring at me in the dark on a Christmas morning at 315am. Scared the hell out of me…he brought me my stocking but I was asleep. So he was waiting."

Sheila M.V.: "My husband farting."

P.S. "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" That is probably the most annoying question on Earth because if they have to ask, you did.

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