Take a whiff around 246 Main St. in Danbury, and you'll discover Danbury's newest shoppe.

Different smells can conjure up different emotions and memories. Walk into Danbury's newest store, The Parfumerie and you'll immediately be surrounded by delightful aromas and fragrances because that's exactly what The Parfumerie is all about. Owner and founder, Angela Gallo, told the NewsTimes:

If it has anything to do with perfuming, we have it! I've got to tell you it's so much fun.

The Parfumerie sells essential oils, perfume, incense, potpourri, and associated accessories. Gallo reportedly began her hobby by purchasing different oils and bottles and mixed and matched different scents for family and friends, and from there she created her own eBay store.

You can also find locally made honey, candles, and musk oils which Gallo says is a hot trend in scents. By the way, she offers over 800 different types of oils and between 40 and 50 types of musk oils. The Parfumerie is Danbury's newest sweet smelling spot at 246 Main St. in Danbury.

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