Every year like clockwork, the whining begins around August 1, "Can you believe it, the Summer's almost over!" Shut up, it is not!

OK, I'll admit that for school teachers and the kids heading back to the classroom, summer is mentally over, but as long as my pontoon boat, Radio Waves rests in its slip at New Fairfield Town Park, my personal perception of summer extends until Sunday, October 29.

Candlewood Lake in October 2015 - Ethan Photo

I equate lake, my boat on lake, boat cruising to Down the Hatch, and boat docking at my buddy, Scott and Tracy's lake house as still being part of summer. I have fully embraced the fall season in New England that kicked off on September 22. I show my support by eating and drinking as many pumpkin spiced foods and beverages as humanly possible. 

The Fall of 2015 on Candlewood Lake - Ethan Photo

There is nothing like asking some friends out for our final Candlewood Lake Fall Excursion Cocktail Dinner Cruise usually around the last week of October. Only our bravest of friends volunteer for this mission and it's usually the ones who complained about what a sweltering summer they had to put up with. Come aboard matey, this cruise will cool you right off. The average daytime temperature is around 60 and if we decide to stay out until the sun sets, we're looking at about 45 degrees. We make sure to remind anyone who dares to come along to bring their winter jacket, hat, and gloves. Stop whining and embrace the beauty of living in New England.

This photo was taken from the docks at Chatterton Marina on October 22 2016 before we handed the pontoon over for the winter.
Ethan Photo