Here is the incident in question.

She was no doubt on a very important call so she cannot be bothered to hear about her responsibility to clean her dog's mess. She is just going to leave it there for someone's kid to step in.

I'm not going to sit here and argue a lost battle about why I think animals should not be on airplanes. What is the point in that? This is exactly how a good thing gets ruined. If you ARE an animal lover who feels they NEED to travel with their pet, this is how you lose that privilege.

This person is just another in a long line of people who believe the Planet belongs to them and whatever they need and want is for the taking. Whoever she is, this did not start at the airport, she's an expert at doing what feels good to her and screw everyone else. The rest of us are just obstacles in this woman's way.

Don't worry about the mess young lady, someone who makes 12 dollars an hour will clean it soon after a small child gets in on their hands. You just keep talking on the phone, flipping the bird and having the world revolve around your head.


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