It looks like Ralph was left by someone who didn't want him anymore.

It was almost midnight on May 3 when Ralph was found in front of the dog pound. No one has called to ask about him, so it seems he was just left there. I can't even begin to tell you how upset that makes me. Who has the heart to just leave an animal and walk away? Of course, there are heartbreaking situations where one cannot keep their pet, I fully understand that. But to me, one of the cruelest things anyone can ever do is abandon an animal.

He will be up for adoption this Saturday 05/14 at Danbury Animal Control on Plumtrees Road.

Ralph is a very friendly, brown and white Chihuahua, about 5-years-old. If you would like more info on this little cutie, you can message or call 203-748-6456.

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