2020 was supposed to be a very long summer for the Houston Astros and we were robbed of 162 games worth of payback by COVID-19. Instead we would have to settle for a 60 game season, less at bats means less chances for Astros players getting "plunked" like they deserve to be.

While the payback for baseball fans everywhere would not be as sweet as we had hoped, one man took it upon himself to try and get all the payback. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly looked a lot like a man that was throwing baseballs at the heads of Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa last night. Bregman was first.

Next it was Carlos Correa's turn

Before the benches clear you will see Joe Kelly taunting the Astros in the funniest possible way, making baby crying faces like a third grader.

If you can get the benches to clear in the middle of a global pandemic, you are really on your A-game. According to ESPN this is what Joe Kelly had to say about the "incident" after the game: "My accuracy isn't the best."

It was not all that long ago that Joe Kelly was a member of the Boston Red Sox and throwing at my beloved Yankees. I hated him then but I am really warming up to him now. The game needs more guys like him, especially if they are going to take their anger out on the Houston Astros. Oh the Dodgers beat the Astros 5-2, look at that I almost forgot to tell you who won.

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