The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis comes out July 29th and it will likely be awesome like all the roasts are. The network does it's best to keep details from the show from leaking out before the airing. One detail from the taping of the show DID get out. According to Entertainment Weekly Bruce Willis declared: "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie."

I am a Bruce Willis guy, I love his movies, I like the man's style and I LOVE "Die Hard." This statement by Bruce however proves he is no John McClane. John McClane would know that any movie this bad ass that takes place DURING Christmas is in fact a Christmas movie.

Why not double your pleasure and fun? The movie is so good, so top-notch that it can be considered both a Christmas classic and an action classic. Don't bring me down Bruce.

What do you think? Is it a XMAS movie or not?

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