If you have a story about someone writing something crazy on social media, we here at the Ethan and Lou show wanna see it and hear it. We are starting a new feature called: "Settle Down Now." The story or post you send us could be the first of many to come to be featured in our feature.

I got to thinking about this last week. I did a blog about Hooters changing their costumes to be more family friendly. The thread had responses you might expect and then it took a turn. One woman said that she sees people on the street wearing less than the Hooters girls. Another woman then lashed out at her and in so many words told her she had small breasts. I thought that was an unnecessary escalation as I am sure many people did.

That is just one example but I am sure each and every one of you has a better one. So send us yours here and maybe we will tell that person to settle the F--- down!

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