Wired UK editor and digital expert Victoria Turk has released a new book titled; “Kill Reply All: A Modern Guide to Online Etiquette, From Social Media to Work to Love.” In it, she advises that you should never, ever leave a voicemail. She continues by saying:

There’s absolutely no purpose for voicemails in the modern age, you have no idea what to expect from them, they could go on for minutes, you might have to reach for a pen to jot down some information, and it’s super inefficient and inconvenient. If you call someone and they don’t pick up, she says consider dropping an email or a text instead.

According to the NY Post she added other digital etiquette tips like don't treat e-mail as instant messenger and respect downtime.

AMEN! You have a friend in me Victoria, it's time, once and for all for people to hear this loud and clear. Leaving a voicemail is an act of aggression, plain and simple. It's disrespectful in so many ways. When you have the option to send a text or an e-mail, you ignore those options and leave a voicemail, you're saying you do not value my time.

This article and book have me so excited about the future that I am starting a new policy right this second. I will never respond to a voicemail again, ever. If you want to contact me and this is the method you choose, I may listen to it but I'll never contact you back. The world is on notice, Let's go!!!!!!!

P.S. I have great respect for Baby Boomers, I really do. I have great respect for all my elders but I need all of you, to please turn down your ringers. Mine is never on, I do not need it because when someone is contacting me my phone vibrates and makes all these pretty lights. If you insist on continuing to use your ringer, please, please lower the volume. I'm not interested in hearing the Sister Sledge ringtone you chose for your sister in line at the bank.


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