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According to Billboard, at the same time she was recording "Daydream" in the mid-90's, Mariah Carey was laying down tracks with the band "Chick" for an album called; "Someone's Ugly Daughter." The sampler of that album is making the rounds now, on the heels of her of her book "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" that went on sale Sunday (9/27/20).

I've listened to this "sampler" five times in an attempt to find something really wrong with it and I cannot. It's raw, energetic and fits the sound from that time period. I think it's best, that it was not released at that time because I don't think any of the songs were strong enough to be singles but it's not an ugly daughter by any stretch of the imagination.

In 1995 Alanis Morrisette was queen, the Cranberries were hot, Natlie Marchant, Garbage, No Doubt and Joan Osbourne were making waves. It was a really strong lineup of female musicians making their mark in a unique era of Rock and Roll. This would not have been respected or appreciated at that time.

Now with some space, time, no comparisons to the other artists mentioned, I wouldn't get mad at hearing any of these songs on the radio. In fact, it's time to start looking back at that time period and see if we can't inspire our young musicians to try to take inspiration from 90's rock musicians of every gender and region. It's the last era of songwriting that has any depth.

Me and Mariah, go back like babies with pacifiers. Well done lady.

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