According to the claims of "insiders" in a recent Wall Street Journal article, a frustrated Elon Musk headbutted a car on his own assembly line.

Yup, the article states that Musk was doing a tour of the assembly line when production halted. The line stopped for safety reasons and this is when Musk reportedly headbutted a Tesla on the production line and said,

I don’t see how this could hurt me, I want the cars to just keep moving.

What's terrible about this is that newspapers just print rumors about people citing unnamed sources and no one seems to have a problem with it. The claims were made by "people familiar with what happened." This could just be a flat out lie and there is no way to ever check on it.

What's awesome about this story is that, on the off chance it's true, we have a billionaire headbutting his product out of anger.

I can think of a some things that would funnier to see in person, but not many. This is like seeing Ted Turner headbutting news anchors or Jeff Bezos headbanging Amazon boxes. Physical comedy is a slam dunk for most people, and if you pair it with inexplicable rage, you have a hilarious moment.

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