2020 is off to a hot start at Denny's with the introduction of the New $.6.99 Super Duper Slam. The breakfast includes bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns AND all you can eat pancakes for just $6.99! So if bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns don't fill you, you can eat a metric F--- ton of pancakes to finish you off.

I do not like pancakes, not one bit but I know a lot of people love them. I've seen some of these people eat them. However, I've never seen anyone eat more than three so maybe that's why Denny's is doing this. Maybe they they figure, they are simply too filling for this deal to impact their bottom line.

I will give this promotion the credit it is due. We live in an era of viral marketing campaigns and most of them have little to do with the consumer experience. They do something goofy like change their name and change it back to grab headlines (IHOP). Denny's went the other way, they said we are going to give our customers enough food to put a horse in a coma and we are gonna do it for 7 bucks. It's an old school, very American approach and I dig it.

P.S. - The best thing that has ever been said about pancakes came from the mind of the late, great Comedian Mitch Hedberg. WARNING: This clip contains profanity

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