Last year, Joe Girardi knew something was off with Dellin Betances. This is why we barely saw him get the ball in the post season. Well, something must still be off with the "Killer B."

Dellin came in to Saturday's game against the Blue Jays, and gave up a back-breaking home run. Worse than the home run was the moment where he let Kevin Pillar steal home friggin' base. Here's the clip:

That's right, he stole home. I was watching it live and I had a sandwich in my hand at the time. I threw that sandwich at my TV. I was then filled with regret once I realized that Dellin would not be coming to my house to clean it up.

It's worth mentioning that Kevin Pillar had an 18-foot lead, according to ESPN. It's also worth mentioning that prior to Pillar stealing home, he stole second base AND third base. It was thievery like you read about.

This Yankee team looks amazing on paper, but they do not play the games on paper. The bullpen is supposed to be the deepest and best in baseball. They need to play like the best bullpen in baseball if they are going to meet expectations. Expectations for this year are to win it all. Get your act together, B.

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