Every time we get a chance to talk to David Crosby on the Ethan and Lou show, we leap at the opportunity. The guy is just easy to talk to, and always shares something surprising. Today, we learned about which song of his went through the most drastic changes, writing advice from his one-time "old lady", Joni Mitchell, and the Sky Trails tour that is headed to the Ridgefield Playhouse in June. Here's the full interview:

I'm adding a new item to my "bucket list." I want to watch the news with David Crosby, and just wait and watch his reactions. I'm willing to bet he will say some really funny s--t. The guy has lived the kind of life most of us can only imagine, and has had experiences we all daydream about. Watching TV with him is going trigger stories, and if anyone has stories, it's David Crosby.

SIDE BAR - After all my years of making wise cracks about hippies, it turns out they are my favorite people. I don't know how I am just coming to this realization, but some of my favorite humans are hippies. They are open-minded, which makes them great conversationalists. Shout out to two of my favorite hippies, Ethan Carey and Meagan Neville.

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