Dave Grohl sat down for an interview on the Bill Simmons podcast that was shared by Muso AI.

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During the interview, he said the future of the Foo Fighters is solid but maybe not for the reason you'd think. Grohl said the Foo Fighters can't breakup and compared the situation he and the Foo Fighters are in, to your grandparents getting a divorce, saying:

"It's like we can't break up now. That's like your grandparents getting a divorce, like why even? What the F-- are they gonna do, you know what I mean? So why not just, we have to just ride it out." 


In case you didn't take the time to watch what he had to say about "The Police", it went something like this:

"The Police did it right because they didn't say F--- you, I quit, we're breaking up, they just never said it. They never said a word, they just disappeared for twenty f--- years. And then it was like, The Police are coming back! You're like Oh, f----,  all of us were so excited."

The only takeaway that matters, we continue to get the Foo Fighters.

P.S. The funniest thing about this video, and it's success, is the confusion it may have caused. The first tile I saw identifying the video had the words "The Police Did it Right" on the screen.

I clicked because I know that Dave, and the Foo Fighters don't usually throw themselves into the middle of divisive political and social issues. For a moment, I thought Dave was stepping out of that policy but he wasn't, he was talking about the band.

To me, that is way better than dividing your audience in half when what we want most out of our artists is a distraction from the issues that make this world a tough place to live in. I don't blame any artist for using their platform to share their opinions on these matters but I much prefer they use their power to unify us, even if it's only for one evening.

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