This is a danger I would never have given a thought to before hearing this story. If you love food from the outdoor grill like I do, you might want to know that your grill brush could make you really sick, or even kill you. Cheryl Harrison of Wallingford, and Marlene Scrivani from Milford, Connecticut can tell you first hand.

Marlene Scrivani ended up biting into a piece of hamburger containing a piece of a metal bristle from a grill cleaner, which broke from the brush, and was somehow lodged in the burger. I would think the bit of metal became covered with the grease and charcoal and was unrecognizable. She said it felt “like glass pierced her tongue,” according to WTNH. She was in extreme pain, and Marlene went on to have severe health issues. After about a month, doctors found the bristle using a CT scan, and she’s endured three surgeries as a result of biting into this metal bristle, and may possibly need a fourth.

Cheryl Harrison had to have a similar piece of bristle removed from her intestine following a similar ingestion.

There is an easy ounce of prevention here. Experts say you should use either a brillo pad (I'm not crazy about using Brillo), a special stone, a bristle free brush, cloth with oil, or what we use upon recommendation from Joe Cavo, a wooden cleaner. Happy grilling!

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