Tails of Courage Animal Rescue has been cited for health code violations by allegedly keeping animals in disgusting conditions.

The NewsTimes has reported that representatives from Tails of Courage have vehemently denied those claims and are currently looking for a larger facility out of the Danbury area, which they say has nothing to do with the impending suit.

The City of Danbury has filed a lawsuit against Tails of Courage alleging the shelter has not complied with the city's health codes and has continued to operate after a cease and desist order and animal cruelty charges were levied against the shelter.

When city health inspectors visited last year to inspect "Tails," they found cramped quarters, rats, feces, and horrible odors. Tails of Courage founder, Kristen Exner has adamantly denied the charges and says they are cooperating with the city. Tail's manager Krystal Lopez has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty and has pleaded not guilty.

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