According to the Patch, La Canchita Bar & Lounge in Danbury has had their liquor license suspended for selling alcohol to a minor.

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The license will be suspended from August 1-4. The bar has been in trouble with the authorities before, specifically during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when they were cited multiple times for violating state health restrictions.

That's not all, the bar at 6 Delay Street in the Hat City was hit with a $2,500 fine. So what is wrong? Why is La Canchita in the news so often?

I've never been there, but I do have a friend who has been there so much, I'd call him a La Canchita insider. I reached out to my buddy Raymundo Hernandez to ask him a few questions. Below is a transcript of our exchange.

What's is/was your role there? 

"I was a freelance videographer/photographer/publicist/content creator/entertainer and social media influencer. My role would be to come in document most of the nights, record highlights, make recap videos of events and concerts, shoot and edit my own photos and videos, schedule , promote and post engaging content and media to help give there establishment a better experience than what  was there before, run q&a's , polls and interviews with customers to help further document their customers experiences."
Are you an employee or just a patron and fan?
"I was a very big fan at one point because the place meant a lot to me as it's a cultural hub in town, but with that being said i was only a freelancer."
Is La Canchita intentionally ignoring the rules in your opinion? 
"I think La Canchita are trying they're best to comply by the normal rules and regulations set by the local, state and federal laws. Stating the facts it's very clear some actions have not been any where near close too lawful, although this being said I believe that La Canchita may not as well be very well rounded with everything that goes into running a nightclub." 
If they are breaking the rules, why?
"That being said It would not surprise me if people are not trading fake IDs like Pokémon cards in there I mean.   Seriously most of the times I have gone to La Canchita, security absolutely would not let my friends or associates  unless they provided ID, that i can say."
If not, why are they always in trouble? 
"I believe poor Management and lack of vision in La Canchita is a key reason why they are maintaining themselves in such high reoccurring record setting violation standards in the state of CT." 
What should we know about the place/situation?
"I haven't worked in La Canchita since Dec 31 2021 due to lack of vision and compensation. Its current situation would be unclear to be but I can say that when I was in La Canchita things were at a great standard, although i still go a regular fan things seems great." 
Look, I don't know what is going on over there, it sounds like a party based off the photos I've seen. Check some of those out below.

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