I'm calling for a recount! In fact, I want others to stand with me in revolt over this bogus list.

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According to a study conducted by Lawn Starter, New York, NY is the #1 city in America for best brunches. That's fine, I expected that and I'm OK with it but how do you leave Danbury, CT out altogether? This is especially egregious because Orlando, FL made  the top 5, coming in at number 5.

Orlando, Florida may be one of the best places to get Hepatitis, maybe it's a great place to find replacement slot car parts but there is no way it's got better brunches than Danbury. I'm hot about this right now, and I'm trying to get people to wake up to the amazing brunch options we have here in the Hat City.

I've been talking about this Danbury "pro" for years and a whole lot lately. On March 31 of this year, I wrote an article titled: "Danbury Restaurant Featured on Tik Tok for Trendy Bubble Brunches." That article was about the amazing vibes they are kicking over at Puerto Vallarta in Danbury where you can sit in a bubble, while drinking bubbles.

Prior to that (Feb 2022), I published another article called: "Some of the Best Danbury Area Brunch Spots According to Expert Brunchers." That happened to be a list of some of mine and my wife's favorite brunch places. That list included places like Craft, Mariposa and La Zingara.

When I put that article out, passionate readers responded and wanted to know why I didn't have their favorites on my list? Brunch is serious business in Danbury, and you can really get some top-notch meals here with a bucket of bubbly.

So, why do I even have to sit here and argue that Danbury is better than Orlando or Bridgeport? Yep, Bridgeport made the list at number 23 which makes sense if you like your eggs with a side of carjacking.

It's time to defend our home city, we need to stand up and tell the world that Danbury demands respect. Our eggs, bagels, bacon and booze are better than yours Orlando. Bridgeport, don't even talk to me, you stink.

Some of the Best Danbury Area Brunch Spots According to Expert 'Brunchers'

My wife Erica has been to more brunches in the last month, than you've probably been to in the last four years and I'm no slouch either. This is one of the ways we like to treat ourselves, and an activity we both love.

So, we've had the meals, drank to the bottom of the bottomless mimosa barrel and now we present to you, Some of our Favorite Danbury area brunch spots.

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