We are the couple, the "experts," my wife Erica and I but don't be so dismissive. We truly are brunch pros.

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Some of the Best Danbury Area Brunch Spots According to Expert 'Brunchers'

My wife Erica has been to more brunches in the last month, than you've probably been to in the last four years and I'm no slouch either. This is one of the ways we like to treat ourselves, and an activity we both love.

So, we've had the meals, drank to the bottom of the bottomless mimosa barrel and now we present to you, Some of our Favorite Danbury area brunch spots.

Erica asked me to share this one of her favorite all-time (mine too) brunch spots was Mazzo in Danbury. Unfortunately, Mazzo went out of business and now they are building an IHOP there. Mazzo's closure was very sad for many. Finally, if you are willing to travel, go to X20 on the Hudson in Yonkers, NY. If your favorite brunch spot didn't make our first list, give us time, we will get there.

P.S. All of this was born out of a Facebook post of mine that went wild. I realized there was a massive thirst for the brunch topic when I posted something funny, about our brunch obsession on Facebook. On February 5, I wrote the following:

Erica and I had a fun conversation and we came to some conclusions. The first is an adjective she used to describe my approach to my social life and that is “unwilling.”
That’s insanely accurate, so we looked at ways to get around this unwillingness and tried to identify something we both like very much and we found it, brunch.
We both love brunch. It checks some boxes for me, it’s during the day and involves beverages. For Erica, she loves that she doesn’t have to figure out a meal for us and has an element of savings.
We’ve decided to take this common passion of ours to the next level, we’re going to brunch professionally. We are taking it up, I will find a way where we can brunch for a living because, what my baby wants, my baby gets. - Vince Vaughn
The Brunch Brigade is officially on the market. If you intend to see me for any reason, you’ll find me at brunch, and I’ll be b—- deep in a Bellini. I want that on my tombstone. Here lies a man who lived his life in an unwilling fashion.
P.S. I marvel at how often a post like this gets misconstrued. There WILL be people who ask, you’re quitting? There WILL be people who will ask, “are you OK?” There will be a third group of people who are offended. How you ask? I don’t know yet but don’t let it surprise you. Maybe a dinner lobbyist, maybe someone decided this is sexist in some way, maybe they brunch for a living. Facebook is where misunderstandings go to thrive and walk hand in hand with anger and inadequacy.
And the responses came flooding in.
Shannon wrote:
"Brunch Recommendations (of the bottomless, or near bottomless kind): Barbarie’s Black Angus, The Farmhouse, 21 Lake just to get you started." 
Jennifer B said:
"Brunch is EVERYTHING. Day drinking? The ability to find shrimp or pancakes on the menu at the same time? Being done with an outing and home on your couch with a buzz by 2:00? YES PLEASE."
Kate D:
"I would love some bottomless Bloody Marys!!" 
Gina M said:
"Blackout brunching. Let us know when you want to have the time of your life and not remember it lmao." 
Jay Cadmus wrote:
"There will be a third group of people who are offended. How you ask?" If I'd known sooner that it would be world full of people running around with sticks up their butts, I'd have gone to medical school and become a proctologist. Big money. Big, big money." 
Denise B:
"This is great. I am cracking up and also saying this post is every couples therapist dream come true. Great job to the both of you for negotiating and communicating. Everyone should have a marriage like yours. Teamwork makes the dreamworld. Ps.. make sure you get unlimited mimosa’s ...."
Taylor O:
"Hi Lou and Erica! Just want to wish you luck on your new venture! I’m very excited and supportive of you both!"
Sandy P:
"Vince line is the best. “You want lemons, my baby gets lemons”. I think you should give Erica more lemons, not 6 though, she asked for a dozen in the movie! Get it right. See you guys on the flip side drinking mimosas."
Jonathan S:
"Here lies a man that always lived b--- deep in a Bellini is a better epitaph."
Russel N:
"As you brunch, please start a travelogue / culinary blog as to your thoughts and feelings of each. May I offer the title of “Brunch Raider” as a prospective name for the blog." 
Longest post script EVER.

Danbury’s Betty Ann Medeiros Idealizes Local Area with Paint and Nostalgia

Her name is Betty Ann Medeiros, she is from Danbury, CT and she’s extremely gifted. Betty Ann has been painting since her college days at Western Connecticut State University and it’s her passion.
After I saw her work, I introduced myself and asked a lot of questions. I wanted to know why she paints the subject matter she does, and what inspires her? Betty Ann explained it in more detail saying:
“I love where I live and what this whole greater Danbury area has to offer. I am inspired to paint the beautiful landscape that I see around me and capture them in paint which cements these images in my mind. I love being outdoors on a gorgeous day and am attracted to the ponds, lakes, rivers, paths, trees, and rocks that are abundant. With all the craziness in the world right now people just want to remember the good times, where they hung out as kids, fun times with friends, perfect days on the lake, etc. Many of my paintings have an idyllic look and people like them because they are more of a nostalgic version of the past.”
Her agenda is effective, she has the talent to get people to look, and presents a purity that nostalgic folks like myself, look for. Below are pictures of just some of Betty Ann’s amazing work. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

These Potholes on West Street in Danbury Will Devour Your Car + Your Soul

Potholes are the bane of my existence and this is not a new issue to me. I’ve never been a person who has “good luck” with my vehicles and that has been reflected in a lifetime of car repair invoices. Below are some facts about potholes, along with a series of photos I took of potholes on West Street in Danbury. 

8 Fun Facts About Danbury Airport

I think there are a handful of places in Danbury that residents are really curious about but never bother to look into, one of those places is the Danbury Airport. We pass it on the way to the mall, or leaving after a day of shopping. We look down on it from Route 7 and wonder about it, but most of us simply don’t know.

Thankfully, we have Mike Allen who made the airport the subject of the most recent episode of “The Place You Live”. On Tuesday (2/1/22), Allen shared his research with us and these are 8 fun facts we learned about Danbury Airport. 

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