Danbury has issued a COVID-19 alert due to the recent spike in cases.

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The city of Danbury has immediately reacted to the recent spike in Coronavirus cases with an action plan according to an article in the Hartford Courant. All sports leagues will be shut down along with Danbury's town boat ramp. Mayor Mark also told the Hartford Courant they are planning to close up the state boat ramp until further notice.

On a sunny weekend, if I'm out on my boat, I see several watercraft loaded up with boaters and not one mask to be found while cruising Candlewood Lake. Mayor Mark told the Hartford Courant why he's decided to close down the boat ramp.

There's a parking lot where a lot of people tend to congregate. We're trying to limit some of the interaction out on the lake. Boats are tying off-seven, eight, nine, 10 boats at a time. There's no social distancing going on. Obviously, no masks are being worn, and that's an area of concern for us.

Mayor Mark also told the Courant that Danbury is temporarily shutting down all baseball, soccer, softball leagues, and anything that requires the use of Danbury's facilities. He went on to say that fall season sports will not begin until "we get a better handle on these numbers." The 'numbers' referring to the rising COVID cases.

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