Good news for some parents in Danbury was just announced.

Child care, for most parents, is a difficult and often expensive undertaking. If your income falls in the poverty category it can be nearly impossible. Hopefully, a bit of help is on the way.

In a story from, the city of Danbury is going to get a $100,000 grant to help develop an innovative plan to provide childcare for the city's working poor. The competitive grant comes from the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Mayor's Challenge. This grant was awarded to Danbury for the city's plan to expand the number of affordable childcare centers for the working poor while also improving those childcare centers by providing subsidized meals and health services.

Mayor Mark Boughton had this to say to

This grant will enable the City of Danbury and the United Way to partner with entrepreneurial and driven residents looking to start a business and make themselves self-sustainable. The benefit of this program is not only lifting families up, but also helping children gain access to affordable and quality childcare

To be able to work, or even develop your own business knowing that your child is taken care of too is a powerful thing.

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