According to the News Times Price Rite in Danbury is making changes. They are chasing the ever-changing demands of the consumer. The changes, according to the article will include but are not limited to healthier food options and physical changes to the interior that will make items easier to find.

Blah, blah, blah. When I hear that a company, any company, is altering what they do to retro fit themselves to the consumers needs, I roll my eyes. That is corporate speak for millennial people don't shop here and we need their dollar. You got this one all wrong, Price Rite. You gotta be you.

I love you, Price Rite. I love you just the way you are. You know what I like about Price Rite? Their prices are right. Sure, I bottom out on your potholes in the parking lot, and occasionally, it takes me a minute longer to find what I am looking for, but you got the price thing right.

Instead of chasing these "health food chains," accentuate what you do better — your friggin' price is right. There are people that appreciate you for what you are. I can't blame them for trying. Those "health" food chains are a force. That's big bucks there. I don't like those chain "health" stores though. I like me some Price Rite. Those big "health" chains sell a lifestyle. You sell groceries. They charge way too much money for FOOD. It's products with a green label, because green is the color of healthy, socially conscious food — UGH!

Why should I believe that the new, chain, health food store products actually are what they say they are? "Oh, this is range free, organic chicken, no cages. These chickens are fresh. In fact, they arrived ten minutes ago from a 10-day Mediterranean cruise and they were killed humanely. We actually killed them with kindness. We did favors for them until they died in their sleep." Oh, did you? COOL. STORY.

Quick side bar: If these chickens are just roaming free all the time, how the hell do they catch them? You ever try and catch a chicken? I have, and I am here to tell you that it's a huge pain in the ass. You have an animal with no discernible motivation, moving super fast, that has no good haunches to grab onto. Good luck with that. You're better off trying to catch a butt-naked perp high on bath salts and covered in Canola oil.

Why am I just supposed to believe the claims these food companies make to us? Is it because they gave me their word? Or the F.D.A. signed off on their claims?  The food companies and the F.D.A. have lied to us our entire lives, but now I can just trust they are on the up-and-up? Get outta here.

Be you, Price Rite. Be 10 cents cheaper, and if sales are down, just remind people much HARDER that your prices are 10 cents cheaper.

DISCLAIMER - None of what I said here is based on market research, consumer behavior statistics, or hard information of any kind. I just look around at the world, I see things, and I say things. I do think I'm onto something, though. 

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