An investigation of a violent crime in Danbury led to a significant drug arrest for Danbury Police Friday night (October 26.)

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, detectives were attempting to question people at a Spring Street residence regarding a crime that had taken place in Danbury earlier in the week. While this was happening, officers claim that a man, later identified as Jose Ramos of Hartford, jumped out of a window, causing the window to break, and attempted to run away.

While police were chasing Ramos, they say they observed him discarding a plastic bag in the Autozone parking lot on Main Street. Police caught up to Ramos and arrested him. The bag allegedly contained marijuana, cocaine, crack-cocaine, and heroin, and additional bags of cocaine were found in Ramos’ sweatshirt pocket.

Ramos was charged with:

1)Possession of a controlled substance – 3 counts

2) Possession With Intent To Sell under 1/2oz of crack-cocaine

3) Possession With Intent To Sell over 1/2oz of cocaine

4) Possession With Intent To Sell controlled substance within 1500ft of school/housing- 3 counts

5) Possession of narcotics within 1500ft of school  – 2 counts

6) Possession of less than 1/2oz of marijuana

7) Interfering with duties of a police officer.

Ramos was held on a $250,000.00 bond.

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