The funsters at the Danbury Police Department are at it again.

This time the Department has come up with a fun way to fund a serious cause, 'Circle of Care,' an organization that raises money to help families who have kids diagnosed with cancer. Circle of Care's one mission is to, "help make the journey a little bit easier for families facing pediatric cancer in Connecticut."

The way "No Shave November" works are that Danbury Police officers who participate will make a donation for the cause and promise not to shave during the month of November.


Some of you who may know Danbury Police Lieutenant Vinny Daniello who heads up the Department's Community Services Division and really has no hair to speak of. I've heard that to maintain his overall sheen-like appearance, he has to shave his entire body three times a week. The obvious question is, "Will Lieutenant Daniello be able to refrain from shaving for the entire month of November?" I have complete faith that the Lieutenant will be able to crush "No Shave November."

If you'd like to help out the Danbury Police Department raise loads of cash for 'Circle of Care' click on their website, Each department will be asking the public for assistance to meet their goal for this incredibly important cause. If you're interested in becoming a police officer, check this out.

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