According to the News Times, Francisco Tomas Vidal, Pablo Pintado Penaloza, Oscar Anselmo Hernandez-Jimenez were arrested Saturday night in Danbury. The three men are accused of dumping human waste into a storm drain on Lawncrest Road.

Police say the men dug a hole at a Lawncrest home and pumped the contents of the septic tank into the nearby storm drain. Neighbors called police, they moved in, located the men, and made the arrests, but not until after the men dumped "quite a bit of waste" into the drain.

The State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will be in charge of cleaning up the mess and the extent of damage is unknown at the time. The three men in question have been charged with criminal mischief in the third degree, breach of peace and illegally dumping hazardous waste.

I'm all for a D.I.Y. project, but pumping out your own septic seems extreme. I especially don't like the part where we are dumping our poo-poo in the very public storm drain. That's a sh--ty thing to do.

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