Danbury Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sal Pascarella, has made the decision to move the district to all distance learning after a COVID-19 spike in the city of Danbury. The move will be reexamined in two weeks and the Mayor supports the decision.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Tuesday (8/25/20) and had this to say on the matter: "We've got a little bit of a COVID spike here, people are driving me insane about that too, it's not my decision to shut down the schools or do the distance learning, although I agree with it."

He continued:

"I mean, they are going to actually reevaluate in two weeks, but they wouldn't restart the hybrid until October, right? So, it's a pause, let's call it a pause and I understand, I get it and I think it's again, the right move to do given the numbers that we are seeing. And, I don't understand how anybody in this day and age, can run around and say it's a hoax, it's not real. Ya know, I think I shared with you last week, I had a good friend of mine, granted, he was elderly but he was in great shape, passed away three weeks ago from COVID-19. He caught it in a few days and a week later he was gone. World War II veteran and one of my personal hero people, so STOP, just stop. It's real, OK, so maybe it's not about you and your little world, but it is about other people and you passing it along to somebody who could die from it, if they have the wrong genetic makeup or don't react well to the virus."

I'm not sure what anyone in the Superintendent's position does that pleases everyone here.

FULL INTERVIEW BELOW - Also discussed was John Oliver, a Mark/Lou beef and Lou called the Mayor "noodle nuts." 

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