Last week Danbury Mayor Roberto Alves attended the conference of Mayors in Washington D.C.

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Alves joined us on the Thursday (1/25/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show, we asked how it went and got the surprise of a lifetime. The Mayor told us he actually got facetime with President Joe Biden.

Alves said:

"We get into this room and then they hand us name cards with our names and title. They lined us up and then we figured out what is happening. They gave us instructions saying you're going to be introduced to the President, once you're introduced you're going to go stand at his right, shake his hand, smile for pictures and then you'll have a little brief conversation with him one-on-one." 

President Biden Welcomes Mayors Attending The U.S. Conference Of Mayors Winter Meeting To The White House
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He added:

"It was incredible, it was an honor and I used every minute to talk about the city (Danbury)."  

Roberto Alves
Roberto Alves

You can listen to the entire story below and you can find out how and why Mayor Alves was chosen to speak to the President. He also shared a joke he told and why he ended up drinking a glass of wine in the White House.



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Mayor Alves joins the I-95 Morning Show every Thursday at 8:20 am.

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