With cabin fever setting in and the calendar getting set to flip to May, the questions about summer activities will start. People are going to want to know what boating season will look like on Candlewwod Lake, will there be fireworks for the 4th and when will the parks open? Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton addressed all of it on the Ethan and Lou Show on Tuesday morning (4/28/20).

The Mayor walked face first into a social media ass kicking with the joke about draining the lake and he knows better. The quickest way to piss people off in the Greater Danbury area is to make any kind of a "pranky" joke about Candlewood Lake being drained and replaced with commerce or industry.

The folks here at the radio station (I-95) know all about that thanks to an ill advised April Fool's Day joke from many years ago. I would like to go on record as saying I had nothing to do with that "bit." It's not at all my style but it was most certainly the style of the dude who sat in my seat at the time.


  • No Lake Fireworks this year
  • You will be able to boat but tying up is at the least going to be heavily discouraged
  • The Mayor will open City parks as soon as the Governor calls for it.
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