Last week, our sister station here at Townsquare Media had a featured piece about a potential scooter share program in Danbury. I opened it up to see what friends down the hall were talking about and to my surprise saw the funniest short video I've seen in a long time. It was Mark Boughton riding a scooter around the Kennedy Flats parking lot with a cherubic grin. This was the happiest I think I'd ever seen him.

The Mayor joined us for his regular weekly appearance on the Ethan and Lou show Friday and I could not wait to ask him about it.

I like fun, I'm a fun guy. I just don't need any more things/people to hit with my car on Main Street in Danbury. As it is the pedestrians are lunatics crossing the street. They pop out from behind parked vehicles and boom, they are IN the road. No crosswalk, no concern for their own life. It's just what'ya know I'm in the road.



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