Roberto Alves is running against incumbent Dean Esposito for Mayor of Danbury.

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On Tuesday September 19th, Roberto's camp sent out a press release claiming Dean Esposito is "hiding" from the debate stage. Here is a portion of the pres statement:

Yesterday, the Alves for Danbury campaign received notice from Danbury’s League of Women Voters that their plans to hold a debate for the Mayoral election were canceled due to Dean Esposito’s refusal to respond to their invitation. So far four invitations to discuss the issues have been sent: The League of Women Voters, West Conn, Danbury Public School teachers, and the Citywide PTO. Alves has accepted every invitation.

Dean is hiding, hoping his problems will go away just like he does every day at City Hall. His refusal to engage with the public and have a dialogue about the issues exemplifies the serious issues of transparency, honesty, and accountability that plague his administration. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Dean and his GOP Supermajority avoid open dialogue with the public. If Dean is unwilling or unable to discuss the issues in public he should say so. Danbury deserves a transparent, honest mayor, willing to engage with the public and be held accountable, and that’s the kind of mayor I’ll be.

Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito joined us on the Thursday (09/22/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and we asked him about what Roberto Alves had to say.

Lou: Let's get right to the spaghetti and meatballs, a press release came out yesterday from Roberto Alves and I'm going to paraphrase to keep this short but he says your ducking him for a debate, is that true?

Mayor: "Absolutely not true. You know it's pretty ironic he would say that because our camps have been talking to each other. Traditionally on the Mayor's race we do two debates, one with the Chamber of Commerce and one with P.T.O. That gives everyone an opportunity to ask the questions, they call them debates but it's pretty much a question and answer scenario. So I don't know where he is coming up with that it's getting goofy a little with the political season. He's trying to get some headlines or pull some press or whatever but you know my goals are simple I'm going to stay focused on my job and when the debate comes we'll have it, I'll win it and we'll move forward." 

Lou: So you have two debates scheduled?

Mayor: "Absolutely yeah. They are traditionally done, you know the Chamber of Commerce puts on their big one which is kind of a fundraiser for them but it gives the public and all different groups that want to be there and ask questions the opportunity. You know we can get ten or twelve different requests for debates and that is not realistic."

Lou: So you don't accept all the invitations? 

Mayor: "Traditionally we accept these two debates because they encompass most of the city and give a great opportunity for people to come and listen to us explain our platform. I know that I have a platform but I haven't heard his yet so it's gonna be a good day." 

Dave: You have to be getting pulled in different directions, you have to really pick and choose at this point. Your time and focus in this campaign season, everyone wants to probably have a debate with you. We've said come here to the radio station and you guys do it here we floated that idea and you think about the logistics you have to provide a bipartisan event. 

Mayor: "Exactly, Dave your absolutely right. You know to make a statement that I'm afraid to debate Roberto Alves is kind of ironic. I've been Mayor for a year and a half, I stand behind what I've done here for the City of Danbury. In just a short period of time we've got a lot of positive things done here. So to make that claim and send it out as a press release is kind of grandstanding to pull press towards them. But for me, I'll debate him in my office, in your office, on Main Street. The reality is I have a job to do here I'm running a city of almost 100,000 people and our goals are simple. I don't know what his work schedule is, it doesn't seem to be that he's working at all, I can't say that but he's out there and doing what he's doing. The reality is again my goals are simple, I am staying focused on the job. We'll do the debates, we'll answer the questions and I'm confident the people of this city know that I'm putting my full time and effort into this job and doing the best I can." 

The campaign was not all we discussed with the Mayor. We also asked him to teach us to breakdance, made plans to meet for a BBQ and asked what a victory celebration would look like if re-elected. Listen to the rest below.

Listen to our entire interview with Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito below.

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Coming Soon: We will be having both men on the I-95 Morning Show every week to discuss their vision for the City of Danbury. Roberto Alves will join us on Wednesdays and Dean Esposito will be Thursdays. This back and forth starts to the first week of October.

P.S. I know the photos I used and the background I chose looks like a wedding invitation and that was by design. I almost peed myself laughing at how happy they look on the card. I would RSVP yes to that party and I choose the chicken please. I need to laugh every 15 minutes or I can feel myself passing away.

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Because the person who goes last, has the ability/advantage of answering to the first candidate, we would alternate the order every few weeks. We did not endorse either candidate, we simply gave an even portrait of the two men, their politics and their vision for Danbury.

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