Prior to Election Day, I asked Dean Esposito if he could breakdance.

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It was a ridiculous throw away question during an Ethan and Lou interview, I asked him just to see how he would react and he told us he is a great dancer. Fast forward to Friday (11/12/21) just ten days after he won the Election and earned the title of Mayor Elect and I get a text message from Dean Esposito, that read:

"This should answer the question of can I breakdance ..LOL"

Attached was a short video which you can watch below.

The video was shot at Anthony's Lake Club on the night Dean won the Election. I was delighted to get this text for a couple of reasons. First, it's about two weeks since the Election ended, and there are still fun stories to be told. Second, it gives us a genuine glance at the personality of our next Danbury Mayor.

Everyone you ask, will tell you that Esposito is a fun guy, it's not the most important character trait for a leader, many would argue that him being fun is irrelevant but I say it's a good thing.

The job of Mayor of this City puts Dean squarely in the middle of everything. People have to coordinate and deal with the Mayor on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Of course, everyone's life is a bit easier if he is a nice person, if he is funny and if he's approachable.

Good on you Dean for dancing like no one is watching, cutting a rug and shredding the floor. There is only one problem, while you appear to be a capable dancer, that is not breakdancing. Now, I'm not saying a Mayor should have to know how to breakdance, but you said you could and that ain't it.

Breakdancing looks like this.

That being said, you are easily WAY better than your former boss Mark Boughton. I've seen him attempt to dance and it is not pretty. Boom, Roasted. And now to add insult to injury below is a picture of former Mayors Cavo and Boughton.

Joe Cavo
Joe Cavo

Looking like the I.T. Department Christmas party.

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