The Mayor of the great city of Danbury and current candidate for Governor in CT joins us each and every week on the Ethan and Lou show. This week we had a wide array of topics to discuss and it went a little something like this:

Interview takeaways - 

  • I know it's a simple and small thing to say that Mark has the easiest last name to pronounce of all the Republican candidates but I think every detail matters. He was just blessed with a last name that is easier to pronounce.
  • We did not spend enough time talking about "Castle Rock." This is the new show on HULU and it is amazing. If you are a Stephen King fan, get in on the ground floor. It debuted Wednesday and they started us off by releasing three episodes which I love. They get your beak wet and leave you starving for more.
  • Based on the questions Ethan asked about the voting process I am starting to think he is an alien. Not an illegal alien, no I mean a full blown alien from another planet.
  • The interview would have been ten times better had we not discussed grease disposal. That was wasteful and stupid. Those were words for the sake of words.

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