OK, just for the record, I'm the "Danbury man" BUT HEAR ME OUT! I think this is a thing.

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I believe so strongly that what I heard gunfire, that I called the police and was interviewed by them. The officers came to my home on Wednesday (9/21/22) and I gave them a full report. Sometime between 7:20 & 7:35 pm, I was finishing my evening walk in Downtown Danbury.

It's during this time period that I believe I heard a pair of gunshots. After the "shots" went off, I turned on my camera and started to record a video that I planned to upload to Instagram. I was going to explain what I'd heard, in the hopes that maybe someone else heard the same thing.

I began recording that video and the sound appeared again, I heard another "shot." This is the video I recorded below, and there is no mistaking the sound.

After I stopped recording, I heard another "shot", maybe two and that is when I notified the police. As I said, the cops came out, and I gave a full report. The officer had me upload the video to a police database. They also asked me to share my photos with them.

The officers were professional, thorough and helpful for the record. I call the authorities only when I think there may be danger in the neighborhood. I think potential gunshots warrant a phone call.

What "photos"? Yeah, there were photos. There is a lot more to the story and you can hear it all by listening to the I-95 Morning Show Segment below.

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Now, you might wonder why I heard gunshots, and didn't go inside? You're not alone, here are some of my favorite Instagram followers, saying the same thing, in a variety of ways.

  • @michael7michael - "This is straight out of a bad movie , boy get in the house!!!"
  • My actual Mom said - @mindyourbusiness - "You need to go inside when you hear gunfire. I think I need to get you tested."
  • @therealjeffspencer - "I was at Rogers park and I thought that was a backfire of a car or moped or something but idk the cops went right after whatever it was 😂 love the live reporting."
  • imlate13jr - "Where r u going... go back to your house."
  • lomed7724 - "Get off them screets"
  • @cameron_mactaggart - "Gun fire drug buy gone bad I bet"
  • @gnomesniper - "My bad. I blame the @tacobell I had for dinner"

So Judge for yourself, I isolated the clip of the "shot" below. Is this a gun, or not?

P.S. Yes, I forgot my wife's Birthday. However, we celebrated the birthday this past Saturday. I actually went dancing with her in Norwalk and I don't like dancing OR Norwalk. Also, she always tells me not to go overboard for her birthday. Finally, everyone who knows me, knows that I adore her and follow her around like a lost puppy. She could use a day off.

P.S. #2 - I didn't go inside because I'm dangerously curious. That answer may not satisfy most people but that is the truth. Sorry mom.

P.S. #3 - I'm not sharing the "photos", because there could have been a lot of reasons a car would circle the neighborhood that have nothing to do with the sounds.

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