Last Thursday night, the Danbury Exchange Club hosted their 19th Annual Firefighter of the Year awards dinner at Anthony's Lake Club. While many were recognized for their heroic efforts throughout the year, Firefighter Patrick Heron was singled out for life-saving actions while off duty.

According to a press release from the Danbury Fire Department, Firefighter Heron was home with his family when his neighbor came by to drop something off. All of a sudden his neighbor realized that her 50 year old husband was lying in the grass across the street. Patrick sprung into action and ran over to check on him. It was quickly realized that he had no pulse and was not breathing. He directed the patient’s wife to dial 911 and request an ambulance while he started CPR. Shortly after the start of CPR off-duty Sergeant Robert Conrad happened to be driving by and noticed the commotion and stopped to assist.

By the time an ambulance arrived, the neighbor had regained a pulse, and when the ambulance arrives at Danbury Hospital, the patient was breathing without assistance. Captain Jamie Schiller stated,

For a cardiac arrest patient a minimum amount of time between arrest and the implementation of lifesaving measures is critical for survival. FF Heron and Sgt. Conrad's willingness to provide patient care, with no available tools or personal protective equipment, was a definitive factor in the successful resuscitation of this patient.

Firefighter Heron will also be recognized at at statewide Exchange Cub dinner on October 18 at the Aquaturf in Southington.

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