Last week we told you that the FPHL (Federal Prospect Hockey League) suspended Danbury Hat Tricks enforcer Daniel Amesbury.

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The suspension was labeled as "indefinite" and the explanation from the league was vague but revolved around "player safety." Ever since the announcement came out, fans have wondered what could have prompted this serious action?

Before we could get any tangible answers, another announcement was made and this one was even more shocking, Amesbury signed with another team in Indiana. WPTA had the news on Monday (1/22/24) and it read:

"The Fort Wayne Komets signed FPHL forward Daniel Amesbury to a standard contract. The 33-year-old totaled 370 penalty minutes in 38 games over the last two seasons with Danbury. Known for fighting on the ice, Amesbury’s nickname is “Diamond Hands.” Amesbury will be eligible to return from a league suspension on February 3."

Why did all of this happen? What could have brought all of this on? We spoke to Danbury Hat Tricks President Herm Sorcher on Tuesday (1/23/24) and asked him all of these questions, this is what he had to say:

Part 1 

Part 2

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