If I've learned anything from living in Downtown Danbury, it's this, Danbury folks love their hockey.

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As the anticipation builds towards the 2022-2023 season, I wanted to reach out to folks that make the whole thing so special. First, I started with my favorite Danbury Hat Tricks fan, my pal Ron from Stamford. I asked him what he's most excited for this season. This is what he had to say:  "I'm excited about this season because we have a lot of guys from previous years coming back, plus young new players that will add grit to the team. Especially excited that we acquired Cole Johnson. He was on Ice Wars 2 and will add the toughness out team needs." 

Next up, I touched base with Head Coach Billy McCreary who had this to say: "Thanks for reaching out. I enjoy your show and share your passion for this great game! Next year will be another exciting season of Danbury hockey. Our fans will be thrilled with the grit and toughness we added to our lineup. We have high expectations for this group and expect nothing short of a Federal League championship."

Last we went to management to speak to Herm Sorcher who told us "The Biggest things for this year are 27 of 28 games are on the weekends including 14 Saturday nights. Should be a great season all around." 

Last year, my friends and I held a tailgate party on the roof of the Patriot Garage and I think this needs to become a cold-weather tradition in the Hat City. For tickets and information check out the Danbury Hat Tricks website.

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