These homes are not only some of Danbury's most expensive, but some of the finest in the Hat City. Nothing would make me happier than to put you in one of these homes today, what do I have to do?

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If you are searching for a luxury property, you need to consider what it is you want most and start your fantasy shopping from there. You want a pool? Do you need to be on Candlewood Lake? Is the school district a factor? Whatever you choose from this list can not be bad because they are all insanely beautiful and located in one of the greatest cities in the country-- Danbury CT.

If you do buy one of the professionally manicured or lakefront properties because you saw it here, make sure you tell the listing agent -- I want my cut of the profit. Either that or you can just invite me over for an old school fish fry during the summer and we can shoot bottle rockets at one another.

A Look at the Most Expensive Homes in Danbury

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