He's a Navy Vet and was a first responder at Sandy Hook, and is now a Danbury firefighter and he could use your help.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, Jason Culbreth spent 12 years as a water rescue specialist with the Navy's Special Operation's dive team. He was one of the first responders on Dec.14, 2012 at Sandy Hook and is now a proud Danbury Firefighter.

Jason has this thing about emergency response. That "thing" is an inborn passion for helping people in any way he possibly can, and now he feels it's time to train his dog, Claymore to follow in his footsteps.

Photo Used by Permission from Jason Culbreth
Photo Used by Permission from Jason Culbreth

Jason and the all-volunteer Resources in Search and Rescue team or RSAR are working hand in hand to get Jason's dog, Claymore along with five other dogs certified in the specialty of search and recovery of people like lost hikers, missing children, Alzheimer's patients, drowning victims, and hurricane earthquake victims. But certification costs money. This is what Culbreth had to say about his dog, Claymore:

He has this drive to do things. He's a people pleaser and he's just a friendly shepherd. I had to find something to do with him.

If you would like to help out, the team has started up a GoFundMe page and Jason's mom has set up a separate fundraising page. Claymore will be specially trained in water rescue. The number of calls to RSAR for water rescues tripled last year.

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