In it's day, FYE was the place to get the hot new CD. Now, in an era of digital streaming no one could imagine it would be back, but it is. A photo was published to the Danbury Fair Facebook page on Monday (5/3/21) with the caption, "What's old is new again! Welcome back FYE. Check it out on the upper level near Macy's."

The fan comments came streaming in with Stacey writing: "told you it was here before" and Sherry exclaiming "Yes!"

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Just to make sure I was not imagining things, I jumped onto the Mall's website and searched the directory and there it was clear as day F.Y.E. listed on level 2 with the sub-header: "FYE (For Your Entertainment) is the leader in all things music, movies, games & more!"

I still wasn't sure, I needed even more confirmation as I rubbed my eyes and darted through "the web," I made my way to their Instagram page and there it was again.

The Danbury Fair's Senior Property Manager Maura Ruby had this to say of the store's return, “Danbury Fair is excited to announce the return of FYE to the retailer lineup, the store is one of many new openings in 2021. Stay tuned as we will be announcing more stores and restaurants opening soon.”

I reached out to the fine folks at the mall I had more questions and they probably seemed like dumb ones. I wanted to know, Is this is a temporary pop-up store? Or, is it really permanent?

They confirmed, this is a permanent deal, it's really happening and the store is located next to Macy's on the upper level. According to their website they will be back with the stuff we love like music, movies, toys and associated apparel. It looks like the music will be for sale in all forms from vinyl to CD's to digital.

This is great news, I miss shopping for music and movies so much. There is something about being able to hold your favorite band or movie in your hand, wrapped in plastic that makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable.

I know for a fact people missed it because when we asked our listeners and readers what defunct stores they missed in 2019, F.Y.E. was one of the names that kept coming up.

P.S. The last time I was in an F.Y.E. store I was buying "Makaveli' by Tupac. It was released in November of 1996, so yeah. I might have been partially responsible for them closing in the first place.

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