Forever 21 will be leaving the Danbury Mall in the wake of the company's Bankruptcy filing. This got me to thinking about stores that are no longer, from way back when that made "the mall" a fun place to be. We checked in with the Ethan and Lou listeners for their favorites.

Margaret A.

Ingenuity’s (if I’m spelling it correctly... I was too young to read when the store was there). They always had the coolest 1980s tech. Cool telephones, touch lamps, I even bought a water pillow (like a water bed) there. They had a cool system to warehouse all their goods and pull it with the touch of a button.

Heather G.

I miss the giant fountain, that little thing they put in with the renovation is LAAAAAME and as a kid I loved Imaginarium!

Bill B.

Time Out arcade

Charlotte M.

When the mall first opened they had a Rugelach bakery store that I loved and wish they still had!

Aaron J.

Electronics Boutique

John C.

Not a store,but i miss the old fountain, that tiny glass ball fountain sucks.

Bobby K.

Funco-Land on the outskirts

Jess A.

The Wall

Linda G.M.

I miss the Warner Brothers Store.

Dean T

The pet store. I used to work at Macy's and I would say hi to the dogs every night. Friendly's was the better place to eat if you worked at the mall.

Bonnie C.


Rob S.

Time out, Saturday matinee, Tsx

Jessica F.


Natalie S.


Mike S.


Tracy L.F.

TJ Cinnamon....they were wayyyyy better than Cinnabon!

Dean T.

Is Spencer Gifts still there? That was interesting in its day.

Tim P.

Uno Bar and Grill & Red Robin

Doug C.

That hot sauce specialty place that was there for two minutes.

Liam H.

The Warner Brothers store

Deborah M.

The Pie Plate

Barbara K.N.

Cold water creek and Gantos

Jina M.

Gloria Jeans coffee

Karen S.

Eastern Mountain Sports & Uno Pizzeria

Matt S.


Paul M.

Radio shack definitely

Erik E.T.

The Athlete's Foot! 1986-2006

Christine M.

The hot sauce store!!

Amy W.M.

Teavana was cool

Jay C.

Probably Underpants Etc and Just Socks. Oh, also Pita On A Stick.

Barney B.

The race track

Lauren G.M.

Definitely the arcade
John K.
Wizards of the coast
Judy P.
Tracey P.
G Fox
Jeffrey S.
It looks like the Greater Danbury misses a lot but there seems to be some seriously unfinished business with Filene's, the arcade and the Warner Bros store. We read some of the comments on the show the other day:

My two favorite: 

#1 - The Wall - The wall or any other CD, cassette stop that came before it. The Music store was A#1 on my list when I went to "the mall." I was going there first and probably last while visiting any mall. I'd buy new music every time I was in the mall and couldn't get the package opened fast enough when I got in the car. It was the one thing you could purchase at the mall other than food that you could start using right away. The kids of today will never understand that purchasing music was an activity that enhanced the entire experience.

#2 - Sharper Image - Sharper Image was chock full of goodies to play with, sample and put back partially broken. After you broke an item, you'd move onto a new one, break that and put it back. This would go on for forty minutes and you would leave without buying anything. FYI Kids - Sharper Image sold modern tech gadgets. For us that meant digital clocks with pretty lights and leather couches that massaged your whole body until it hurt.

What was your favorite mall store that is no more?

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