American Metal Customs AKA North American Motor Car is a custom bike and car shop tucked away on Miry Brook Road in Danbury, CT.

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The shop is world-renowned for their automotive prowess but now the company is embarking on a new horizon, whiskey. According to the Westfair Business Journal, the American Metal Customs recently debuted their American Metal Whiskey brand.

Their website says:

"We take great pride in producing small-batch, ultra-premium whiskeys that are skillfully crafted using the finest ingredients and traditional distillation methods that celebrate the art of aging and blending. This love of whiskey has produced a collection of distinctive products that embody the rich heritage and tradition of American whiskey making, while also showcasing our innovative approach to the craft that results in a truly exceptional drinking experience. American Metal Whiskey also pays close attention to the design and packaging of our whiskeys, which feature unique labels that are a nod to custom car and motorcycle culture."

You can purchase the whiskey on online, it's also available in select bars, restaurants and liquor stores around the country.

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We talked about the whiskey brand on the Friday (11/10/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and it sparked some special memories for me.

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As you heard in our segment there was some confusion about the company because at the radio station we know them as North American Motor Car. They partnered with us on some advertising. So here is how I understand it now:

  • North American Motor Car is the main company that offers "a full spectrum of world class automotive services all at one location as well as event and social gathering spaces that celebrate car culture and showcase rare music memorabilia, art, and photography installations that every enthusiast will love."
  • Then there is American Metal Customs which is on-site at NAMC that does all the custom builds.
  • Finally, the new division American Metal Whiskey which looks so delicious.

I have reached out to the folks at American Metal Customs for comment and will share whatever information they provide me with. I wanted to make sure I wasn't giving innacurate ideas about the company. They responded saying:

"Yes this us. North American Motor Car is the facility in Danbury that focuses on storage, detailing and events. Within the NAMC facility is the American Metal Custom shop that builds customs cars and motorcycles. We just launched a new whiskey that is inspired by the American Metal Custom Shop. The same craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every car and bike we build also goes into our whiskey."
 I'm certainly not averse to having them come on the I-95 Morning Show to talk bikes & whiskey. It's been about 5 minutes since we talked booze on the show, I think we're due.

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