COVID cases are down and vaccine distribution is ramping up. Maybe it's time to get the kids back into the classroom.

According to the Newstimes, school Superintendent Sal Pascarella says don't count on the kids being back in the classroom five days a week anytime soon.

School officials are discussing several different scenarios to get students back to in-school learning gradually. It's already been decided that next week, special education students that require more in-person instruction will be in the classroom four days a week.

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The target date for special education students in grades 6 through 12 for in-school learning four days a week is scheduled for March 8. Reworking the hybrid model is also being discussed by Danbury school officials. One of the options is making Wednesday, which is a distance-learning day, an in-school day instead.

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Another option is the possible extension of the in-school learning day. Meanwhile, many parents continue voicing their concerns about how their children are struggling with distance learning. The following is an excerpt from a mother of three school-aged children who wrote to the school board saying;

Between our hybrid schedule, quarantines and snow days, these kids are barely back on any real level to have the impact we need.

The positivity rate is slowly but surely declining with a current positivity rate that averages 4.6 percent over 14 days. The COVID-19 positivity numbers will tell the story and help guide Danbury school officials to make decisions about the fine line between keeping teachers and students safe and cautiously ramping up in-classroom learning.

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