The "Yes" Votes outweighed the "No" votes and moved the Danbury Career Academy ahead one more step.

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On Tuesday June 7, 2022, Danbury residents voted yes on a referendum that allows the city to move ahead with its financial plans for the new Danbury Career Academy. With overcrowding becoming the biggest Danbury educational issue, the city has been making plans to create the Career Academy and upgrade the existing schools in the area.

The new facility will be on Apple Ridge Road in Danbury, in a building previously occupied by the Cartus Corporation. The Ethan and Lou Show spoke about the referendum on Tuesday (6/7/22) with Al Robinson of Hat City Blog. Robinson is a friend of the Ethan and Lou Show and an excellent resource for opinions on Danbury politics.

We had the "two-question" thing wrong but that can happen on live radio. The final vote count was announced on Tuesday (6/7/22) evening. The "Yes" votes far outweighed the "no" by a count of 2,641 to 433. Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito released the following statement after this victory for his administration.

“Today is a great day for the City of Danbury and the future of the Danbury Public Schools. Once again, Danbury demonstrates it is the shining star of the State of Connecticut as it will be the first city or town in the state with a “Career Academy.”

Esposito added the following:

"I want to thank Superintendent Kevin Walston for his partnership and support during this entire process as well as State Representative David Arconti and our entire state delegation for securing the 80% reimbursement rate on eligible costs. This win is a win for our entire city, and I am so honored by the overwhelming support that the residents have shown for our children.”

The release also says the Career Academy will consist of six academies that include:

  • Emerging Technologies, and Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific Innovation and Medicine
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Professional and Public Service
  • Art, Engineering and Design
  • Communication and Design

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